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        A sensible approach to sound quality

Sound systems are often judged by potential purchasers on a single visit to a demo or gig, and an unsatisfactory or inaccurate impression can spread around the industry like wild fire. It is, therefore, essential that new products are backed up with full safety and performance training as soon as the product is ready for release. Well-trained and enthusiastic users are a pleasure to work with and will instil confidence in the product that you’ve invested so much time and effort in.



·         Professional audio product user-guides

·        Training materials


Manufacturers will always be under pressure to release products promptly

to maximise the return on their R&D investment. This can often lead to new

products being released before thorough user guides are available.


I can get your early adopters off to a flying start by writing your user guides

during the trial process. This ensures that lots of practical information and

advice – based on real-world experience - is included.

Audio and acoustics training


·         Audio and acoustics training for schools of sound and system technicians

·         Smaart v8 measurement and analysis training

I have been involved in training since my environmental test lab days in the aircraft industry. Simply knowing how to operate a product isn’t enough. Professional practitioners need a good working knowledge of the whole signal path – in the audio world that means an appreciation of transducers, electronics, networking, electro-acoustics, venue acoustics, propagation, meteorology, human hearing; and I haven’t even mentioned electrical and rigging safety…
I’m a strong believer in using all the tools at our disposal to
analyse venue acoustics and system performance – to
augment our incredible ear-brain systems when help is required.

I have been involved with Smaart since its acquisition by
Rational Acoustics where it has been rewritten from the ground up.

Recent multi-window and API upgrades make Smaart v8 even more versatile. Smaart v8 is an essential electro-acoustical toolbox for system technicians and acousticians.
Modern measurement and analysis training puts the emphasis on how sound systems work, how the room and the environment behave and, of course, how the two interact.